We are convinced that innovation and social and digital communication forms are a unique opportunity to create value, commitment, to simultaneously build business and society. That is why much, much of each of us can be recognized in our projects.

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It is something that defines Gen Kreativo and that endears its customers. The delivery, the heart that all its professionals put in the work and in the answer. No matter the challenge, the day, the time, the intensity. We always get to where our talent reaches. It is an indispensable requirement to work in the organization.

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We are able to develop almost 85% of our services within the agency, either through the in-company team or through our parent company, without the need for external assistance. It provides control, knowledge and true integration to projects and campaigns.

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We are looking for People with Innovative Genetics

If you are a professional of the sector: account executive, publicist, journalist, graphic or industrial designer, creative, specialist 2.0, computer developer … or you have just joined it and you believe that “you can add value” to any of our signatures, send us an curriculum with your data, presentation and a sample of your work to [email protected] reference “WORK WITH KG“.

Do not send us “telegrams” or take for granted that a few lines show your potential, knowledge, aspirations or your trajectory. Communicate from professional to professional and we assure you that your candidacy or collaboration will be taken into account, with total confidentiality.

We are looking for a web designer with at least 1 year of experience in the design of complex websites. Our designers work hand in hand with the areas of Information Architecture and Development, so we need a person oriented to work in a team, with high levels of responsibility, commitment and autonomy.

You must also be able to generate the CSS-HTML templates from scratch and not based on a predefined template, so that the development team implements them in the different sections of the projects. It is necessary to have proven experience in CSS3, HTML 5, Javascript / Jquery, desirable experience in version handlers such as GitHub.

We are looking for a person with experience in backend development for web and mobile applications, relational databases and APIs design. In particular, add points if you have experience with Python and Clojure or other functional languages.

We do not expect you to know everything, but you do have the capacity for self-learning and the desire to learn new things. It is very good that you have experience with continuous integration, since it is something that we are still novices and it would be good to bring more gray hair.


What Skills Should He Have?

Technical Knowledge:

  • Capacity of logical abstraction: It must visualize the beginning and end of actions and pose the possible routes to then determine the most efficient strategy.
  • Knowledge and ability to study languages: Be constantly studying PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and / or JavaScript.
  • Management of at least one CMS: As for example WordPress or Drupal (in IDA we lean towards the first).
  • Management of at least one Framework: As a reference we have Zend or Cake.
  • Basic knowledge of web server configurations: To be able to adapt elements such as memory capacity, the ability to upload files, the level of demand and install libraries such as APC (for the cache) and GD (for image manipulation). While not imperative, this knowledge is well valued.


A good back-end developer will understand, as WordPress says, the code as poetry. That is, it will not keep the first thing it finds, but will study and test options to harmoniously design the solutions that solve the problems posed more effectively and efficiently.

We need to incorporate our team to Analistas Desarrolladores, with experience in the development of mobile platforms.

They must be able to transmit their specific knowledge and learn from the practices of the rest of the team to quickly form a virtuous team that, supported by agile practices, generates interesting, innovative and high-impact products and applications in our internal projects and those of our clients.

For the development in mobile platforms we need experience in Android and native iOS and in some framework that allows to accelerate the development process, like React Native or similar.

In addition, you need experience in Object Orientation, with development in JAVA and / or .NET technology.

We have a challenging professional environment, with flexibility and focus on results. An important part of the time of all professionals is dedicated to research, which is then shared with the team.

We work from Monday to Thursday in projects and on Fridays only midday to coordinate, show progress and make decisions.

We are looking for a full-time Ninja to take charge of the functions of Community Management, PR and Social Media Management, which involves taking responsibility for communication, presence and public relations in our social networks and with the press.

If you are interested in applying, you must find a degree in Community Management, Journalism or Advertising, have at least one year of work experience in digital communication, content generation, social network management and blogs, as well as knowledge in design ( Photoshop, Illustrator, among other tools.) And WordPress, have excellent writing and spelling, have knowledge in Social Media Management (marketing, analytics, KPI’s, etc.) and excellent relational skills to communicate with users, fans and followers of our brand .

On the other hand, having knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO, SEM and English is a plus.

We are looking for designers / illustrators to join our team.

We are looking for a Digital Multimedia Designer / Illustrator with experience in creating 2D characters and backgrounds, to support the development of new projects.

We are looking for someone with experience (ideally 2 years) in videogames studios / companies or agencies / development companies, working on interesting projects.


  • Title of Graphic Designer / Multimedia Designer, Illustration, and the like.
  • Experience in interface design (UI) for various platforms such as web, mobile or tablets.
  • Experience in documentation of interaction flows.
  • Advanced knowledge (and experience) of Adobe Suite (photoshop, illustrator, after effects).

The candidate must be able to receive and implement the requirements of the different areas of the agency and become familiar with the environment and work dynamics, have teamwork skills, analytical skills to evaluate and offer alternatives or solutions to possible problems and Above all, be a proactive person, eager to continue learning.

Send Us Your Resume

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