Stunning Corona Beer message

A couple of months ago the marketers of Corona managed to explode all over the world their paramilitary campaign and the commercial they did with Diego Luna in which he sent a message against the wall that Donald Trump promised to build on the border with Mexico once he occupied the presidency of the United States.

In use of the slogan “Let’s make America great again” (we are going to make America excellent again), Grupo Modelo has used this controversial phrase to make a commercial video for the Corona brand, claiming of course what we all know, America is a whole continent that touches the two poles on the planet and is not exclusively the United States.

The Corona brand has been able to identify everything that symbolizes feeling American, wild, united, we are not divisions but mixtures, “our colors make us proud”, from the passion for football to the taste for the spicy. Poetry, art and song, thirty-five countries.

The copy is quite clear too: “Enough of using our name to generate divisions. That is not what we are (…) We are 35 United States that today we dress with only one shield, because Americans are all that is why America has always been great “. Then he launches a new logo for the continent.

#AméricaEsGrande, always has been. It is our continent, it is passion and struggle, diversity and wealth. We are family and it is time for the same shield to unite us. # Defeat yourself