GEN 128

He is the modern hero in the mythology of the digital world who from his mind projects a beam of light, reminding us of the creative power of human ideas. Its origin dates back to the proto-Indo-European root words geng- gn- (“to produce”, “to beget”, “to be born”, “to give birth”, “to give birth”). The word gene has been kept alive in modern languages through words like genesis, which refers to the creation and the maximum display of creativity and ingenuity ever known, the origin of everything that exists – the organic, what comes to life.

In this sense, the gene is considered by scientists who investigate the origin of life as the unit of storage of genetic information and unity of the inheritance, because it transmits that information to offspring.

Gen 128

GEN128 is the code
of creation in the digital world

Gen 128

In the digital world, the equivalent of the gene is the byte, a complex information unit that usually groups 8 binary digits or a sequence of bits that stores the information required to transmit information between machines or computers. Each bit, according to its position from right to left, represents a binary value in the byte, starting with the smallest one, equivalent to 20; ending with the highest value bit, equivalent to 27, which is the same as 2x2x2x2x2x2x2 which is equal to 128.

The number 128 is the product of seven factors equal to 2, which is the same as the 7th power of 2, that is 27, on a decimal basis. In binary base, 128 is the highest value (27) represented by the highest value bit, of the eight in which a byte is divided.

The byte is the smallest amount of complex data or unit of information that a computer is capable of processing. In this way, GEN128 is the code of creation in the digital world. It is the root of people, genuine, generation, genius, generosity, genesis and a large number of words that come alive thanks to creativity.